“Thank you so much for that amazing meal. Each course was heaven in my mouth. Looking forward to having you cook for us again. I’ve told so many people about the magic u created at my place!” – Ola M, Toronto ON

“We flew Matt out to our hometown of Saskatoon to surprise my Father with a fab dinner party on his 60th birthday. Since he knew no one in town, we had to bring him to a family dinner beforehand, under the guise of a friend in town for his cousin’s wedding. My father was quite suspicious and decided to pop home a bit early following his routine golf game, forcing Matt and some other helpers to hide upstairs until he left. Even though he may not have been completely surprised, the dinner was amazing and the evening, a complete success. Thanks Matt!” – Adrienne S, Toronto ON

“That was one memorable dinner. One of the best to be sure. Thank you very very much for spoiling all of us and making it a great dinner party. Can’t say enough good things. Just fucking impressed.” – Jon T, Toronto (2011)

“Matt, you were really brilliant, and our guests were quite thrilled with the whole evening…Thank you SO MUCH.” –Vivian M, Toronto Masque Theatre

“All I can say is WOW – you really spoiled us last night. It was the best experience for me having you in to cook at my place. it was something truly memorable.” – Christina Ritza, Toronto

“I’m an entrepreneur who has little time, strives for success, likes control and can’t cook. I wanted to create an intimate no-fuss dinner party atmosphere where I could contribute to the dynamic without having to worry if the food would turn out (since I had never cooked for 12 myself). Matt saved me time, added to my concept and taught me a thing or two along the way (and none of my guests were the wiser!). The entire experience was a blast and I can’t wait to do it again!” – Busy Entrepeneur, Toronto, ON

“One of the best dinner parties I’ve been to! From the food to the company to the location.” – Diane Holmes, Toronto

“…Matt Kantor spent the evening at our house last night. He designed the menu, prepared, served and cleaned up one of the most enjoyable meals we’d ever had. Talk about hidden gems. ” Eden Spodek, Bargainista, bargainista.blogspot.com

“Oh, what a delicious over-the top evening”, Pat Anderson, EpiGlutton (2010)

“Truly it is a wonder that Matt prepares such an elaborate dinner with no real kitchen…most diners I talked to loved all the food” – Lauren Simmons, SpotlightToronto (2010)

“It was, by far, the best meal I’ve had this year. And that is not to say I haven’t eaten well or that the chefs who have cooked for me have been slouches… But how can you go wrong when the Chef spends an hour interviewing you before designing the menu, special for you!” – Alexa Clark, Toronto