The Globe and Mail

In a quiet Leslieville room that dark blinds shroud from Queen Street’s eyes, the pleasures come unexpectedly. Here is a shard of Spanish goat’s milk cheese that’s veined like onyx, served with creamy orange curd and a date cut into a thin disk, like a slice of sausage, and a scattering of cracked espresso beans. […]

Shinan: From Kelly to Kohler

That one of the hottest chefs in town doesn’t even have a restaurant … but might soon enough, as the new Post City magazine reveals!

How to eat a 23-course dinner

I’ve never been to elBulli, Ferran Adria’s famed (but now defunct) restaurant in Spain. I’m too scientifically challenged to understand molecular gastronomy. I don’t enjoy the formality of fine dining. I’m more than happy with a one-course meal. So when Matt Kantor invited me to one of his 23-course elBulli Imitacio tribute dinners at the […]

The Globe and Mail

…What makes tonight’s dinner stand out is that Mr. Lepine, who ordinarily is one of the country’s most original chefs, will have stolen – or “borrowed” if you’d rather be diplomatic about it – every last one of the recipes from another chef. The event at Atelier will attempt to replicate the cooking of el […]


"How to pretend you're an amazing cook: The Ghost Chef makes dinner, then slips out and lets you take all the credit"

Toronto Life

“Check out liquid nitrogen–poached doughnuts and other molecular miracles from a recent Modernist Cuisine demo”

The Grid, First Edition

“I’ll eat what I like, thanks” Secret Pickle Supper Club’s Matt Kantor tells us why he rarely worries about local or organic – so long asit’s tasty.I don’t get too caught up in the local thing. You can buy something that’s grown in Ontario, but it might not be grown in good dirt. Or worse, […]